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Shining a light on international aid

Our vision is that everyone has confidence that aid money is spent wisely and not wasted

LAMP Development is a non-profit organisation providing practical advice, solutions and support to improve the impact of aid programmes. We work in the developing world with public sector and non-governmental organisations to operate more effectively and make the best use of their resources. We combine an analytical approach with good programme management and governance to ensure the most benefits are returned for the money spent.

Our Services

Project delivery and management

Programme monitoring and evaluation

Economic analysis

Achieving value for money

Our advisors have a broad range of skills and expertise that can be drawn upon and tailored to meet the needs of our clients. Where possible, we resource projects locally in order to benefit from local knowledge, relationships and to promote the local economy.

LAMP Development is a not for profit company registered in Scotland. Our experience is global including work in Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Ghana, Kenya and UK.

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