How we work

LAMP as a Value for Money partner 

LAMP provides specialist insight, analysis and technical guidance to aid organisations, donor-funded projects, and multi-country programmes on the implementation of Value for Money (VfM) approaches and best practices. Operating as a trusted partner and focusing on collaboration and capacity building, we help our clients develop and embed robust and sustainable VfM methodologies and frameworks into their work so that they can improve programme efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Using qualitative and quantitative approaches, routine reporting and reviews, we design comprehensive VfM measuring and monitoring strategies, conduct VfM analysis, and develop tools to collect data on cost savings. Our detailed final reports not only present our findings, but also include practical recommendations for promoting VfM in the future.  

Example of our work as a Value for Money partner:
Women’s Integrated Sexual Health Programme (WISH2ACTION)

Economic assessment of programme impact  

LAMP conducts economic assessments (including costing analysis, equity costing analysis, and cost-effectiveness analysis) to support individual organisations and complex donor-funded programmes to measure and improve their impact. Tailored to the specific needs of each client, our assessments combine quantitative and qualitative methods; collaboration with programme teams; and participatory data collection and verification methods. Bolstered by detailed final reports containing both findings and practical recommendations, our approach strengthens programme capacity to measure and track how resources are used to achieve results. 

Example of one of our economic assessments: One Acre Fund Cost Effectiveness Analysis

LAMP as a VfM partner for independent evaluation and third-party organisations  

LAMP partners with external evaluators and third-party monitors (TPM) to help evaluate the economy, efficiency, effectiveness, equity and sustainability of development programmes. We provide specialised value for money (VfM) inputs (including assessing programme’s systems for measuring and managing VfM) to help programmes identify how to use and adjust their resources to deliver the greatest benefits for the communities they serve. We also conduct further evaluation, including cost and cost-effectiveness analyses, development of monitoring frameworks, and provision of strategic recommendations, to help programmes achieve longer-term change through learning and adaptation. 

We were the VfM partner of Montrose International for the evaluation of TARGET Ethiopia.

Insight Studies 

We conduct one-off analyses to help our clients better understand how they can use resources to deliver impact. Taking a tailored and collaborative approach, we identify each client’s specific needs before designing and implementing bespoke research methodologies. To ensure relevance, we consult with stakeholders throughout the life of the study. We also refine research approaches, validate emerging findings, and gain additional evidence. These all inform our final analysis and subsequent strategic and operational recommendations.  

Example of one of our insight studies: E4A Mamaye – Health Financing Case Study in 3 states in Nigeria

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