One Acre Fund (OAF) cost effectiveness analysis


The Project

Client: One Acre Fund  

Dates: ​2020 – 2022 

Project Description: The One Acre Fund (OAF) works with farmers directly to improve household food production and nutritional status. OAF’s ​​work ​​in w​​estern Kenya addresses both poverty and malnutrition in targeted smallholder farming households across OAF’s Kenyan farmer network. With funding from the Children’s Investment Fund​, OAF established a nutrition programme which aimed to improve the dietary diversity of these families, particularly among children and pregnant and lactating women, by increasing household food production and consumption of nutritious food.​

Our Role: To assess the impact of ​this nutrition programme, Kantar was commissioned to conduct an evaluation, using a quasi-experimental approach, to compare​ outcomes relating to​​ household dietary diversity​, women’s dietary diversity,​ and minimum acceptable diet ​of children between six and 23 months.  

As part of this evaluation, LAMP conducted a cost-effectiveness analysis of adding the ​​nutrition​​programme to the c​​ore ​OAF ​programme​. This ​analysis compared the costs and benefits of the two respective programmes ​to assess whether the additional benefits from the nutrition programme justif​​ied its additional costs.  

Team Members: Ijeoma Edoka, Jennifer Armitage  


  • LAMP conducted a c​​ost-effectiveness analysis of OAF’s nutrition intervention, including a Social and Behaviour Change Communication component.  
  • Findings from LAMP’s cost-effectiveness analysis ​​are expected to be used to inform OAF’s future programmes.   

Client Testimonial

LAMP were adaptive and flexible in the way they approached the study: responding to the needs of the programme and providing tailored and useful insights that informed the future of the work. In particular, LAMP were always forthcoming with insights they felt could be of immediate use to the programme – something that was very much appreciated as an implementer!

- - M&E Advisor, MamaYe

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One Acre Fund (OAF) cost effectiveness analysis

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